Neeo Messenger

Enthusiastic about figuring out what is the finest, most and must have chat application for your smart phone? Anxious to bring your chitchat ON via a multilingual messenger application which works on IOS, Android, Black Berry, Windows Phone at a same time? Well keep reading for highly recommended cross-platform IM/instant messenger clients for all your needs!

We have a solution; Neeo Messenger is a standalone auto translation Multilanguage cross platform messenger application so that you chat with your friends, clients or customers via instant messaging without facing a language barrier.

Neeo Messenger has support for the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Black Berry
  • Windows Phone
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac


In terms of comparing Neeo Messenger as cross platform messenger with other clients available in the market, it appears to be very unique, as no one else is offering such a wonderful application which supports every operating system as well as let you communicate with those who are unknown to your language

Minimal configuration on mobile products

No special configurations are needed to run this multilingual messenger application on your mobile devices, just simply install, sign in once and run, it's that much easy!

Automatic language translation for Sixty four languages

Other person speaks an unknown language? Not a problem anymore, our cross platform chat application supports up to 64 languages including most popular several languages such as Dutch, English, French, German, and Greek as well as Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, and Turkish etc., so send a message to your IM Buddies or partners and your message will be auto translated through our chat Application.

Automatic Multi-lingual Interface

Neeo Messenger has an ability to automatically convert the whole user interface in to the desired language, no worries to understand the interface in any language, it covers all.

Text in your language & receive in your language

No need for a dictionary to translate a message, simply send and receive a message in your own language without any hassle

Limitless Prospective

There aren't any limitations with regards to which languages you should use and that you simply won't be able to. Graphics integration is smooth and enables advanced-level personalization. So why wouldn't you make an effort to broaden your perspectives by utilizing the multilingual messenger with an option to have a chat in more than a single language.

Highest platform compatibility

Up till now no one else in the cross platform instant messaging Apps market is offering a multilingual chat software which supports numerous operating platforms, Neeo Messenger is one and only multilingual chat system out in the market which has support for your desired operating system.

Audio, Video & Photo Sharing

Neeo Messenger has full features of a complete multi-lingual messenger; it supports not only text chat conversation but also has a support for audio and video chat. Photo sharing facility has taken this unique APP to a new level; you can share pictures with your chat partners and IM friends instantly whenever you want, it's effective and efficient.

24/7 customer support

Need some assistance? Well we have an excellent 24/7 customer support eagerly waiting to sort out the concerns you have regarding ours cross platform messenger. Customer support make sure that all your queries are answered at the earliest so that you enjoy this multilingual messenger application more and more.

Neeo Messenger is a multilingual messenger application which can no doubt help you to make new IM buddies, and talk with your buddies who don't communicate exactly the same language just like you. It can offer you an advanced level of language versatility making it possible for equally your chat buddy and you to get in touch with one another within a language of your own preference.